New tunes pages

New tunes pages

The tunes pages have been given an upgrade in time for the Fiddle Festival of Wales 2019!

You can now listen to each tune, as well as seeing the 'dots' (notation).

Behind the scenes, it's also now far quicker and easier for tunes to be added. If there are any tunes from this year's sessions that you'd like us to include, we may even be able to put them up during the festival, or at least shortly afterwards.

Based on feedback from last year, we're also going to try to put some of the tunes for the workshops online in advance, so you have a chance to have a look at them beforehand. Where this has been done, you will see a link in the draft schedule/timetable. You're also more than welcome to use the tunes that are already there in the sessions.

Let us know what you think! Contact us by clicking here.

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